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The Caution Control Bar was designed to offer our riders the ultimate balance between performance, safety and convenience. The bar features a stainless insert in the center of the bar, designed to reduce friction for better feel while sheeting and increased longevity for the trim line. The bar features adjustable length bar ends, an adjustable length spectra trim line with an on the fly stopper ball, and a new spring activated quick release. The center positioned quick release is easy to find with it’s red body, easy to grab protruded shape, and is accessible from any angle, to make the quick release available when you need it. The red safety depower line is routed through the center of the quick release for clean and reliable depowering system. The redesigned power adjustment strap allows reliable and easy on the fly adjustments to the kites power range. The power strap is conveniently located above the bar, for greater leverage when making power adjustments. With an adjustable throw length, riders with shorter arms can keep the power strap and full sheeting range within a comfortable distance.

The new spring loaded quick release ensures a uniform amount of resistance every time. An integrated spinable base and a center positioned push away quick release allow QR access from any direction. The trim loop is designed as a single part, eliminating the risk of loosing parts and aiding assembly.
New for 2013, the control bar features a new bar grip with contours between the rider’s fingers and stamped texture for better grip and comfort. Clear color coding and stamped insignias on the left side gives visual and tactile cues wich reduces the risk of accidental bar reversal and confusion.
The spectra trim line allows for an on-the-fly cruise control, great for saving your arms on long tacks, or for imitating C-kite freestyle performance. The stopper is designed to maintain the bar’s position in powered conditions, but allows riders to push away if complete depower is needed.
Adjustable length bar ends allow riders to change the length of the bar to gain additional leverage when using larger kites. By simply sliding the floats up and moving the spectra larks head from one lead to another, the rider can switch between 47 and 56cm length bars.
Each control bar comes with braided Dyneema lines, color coded to increase line handling safety. Both the center and steering lines are cut to 24 Meter lengths, and are uniformly pre-stretched at the factory to guarantee equal line lengths and consistent bar handling.


Caution control bar includes all parts, lines and a safety leash

MSRP $449

  • Item Price: $449.00
  • Listed On: January 01, 2014

Price: $449.00

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